Friday, May 17, 2013



Yeah. Happy Teacher's Day. Hope that I'm not too late, tho. An enormous big thanks to all my teachers and lecturers. You know, it's not easy being an educator, especially a teacher. Instead of facing one client at a time, you're gonna have to handle 30-40 clients at one time for about 30-60 minutes.

And may I remind you, its KIDS-CHILDREN-TEENAGERS! 40 kinds of people with their own behaviour. Every single one of these students MUST be taken cared of, MUST be paid attention to and dealt with. You are teaching them and its important to make sure that your students do understands.

"Teaching is easy! (while snapping fingers) They are just kids. Just teach them like how you would teach yourself.. as simple as that!"

"Lots of holidays, BIG AMOUNT OF SALARY, spends time only half day in school, and you're free to go!"

These are some simple minded people with their opinions. Hey, why don't you try being a teacher for only just one week and then only you can tell how it really feels. Heh! 

You don't just stand in front of the class and talk. You have to use some methods, theories, psychological terms, and most important of all, you MUST understand every single one of your students well. Your personality also must be approachable. There must be a two-way-of-communications between you and your students during your class. You have to have a lesson plan each time before entering the class. You also gonna have to deal with afternoon sports activities. You are their coach, their teacher, their security guards, their parent and even their friends. huhhh... that's a lot, right?

Now, I do understands how my teachers feel when their students didn't bring their text book, didn't hand over their homework on time, making noise in the class... it hurts people. It do hurt. So, please, respect your teachers cause they've tried their best by pouring all their hearts and souls shaping you to a better person for a better future.

And again... HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY. Sorry to all my teachers for my bad behaviour all this while. I'll try to be a tremendous teacher soon, guiding my students all the way to the top! InsyaAllah! Can't wait! Pray for me.. =)) Cepatlah posting!!


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