Saturday, June 8, 2013

From Ryan Gosling to Lyin' Gosling


Remember Young Hercules? It's a tv series that appeared around 1998-1999 with Ryan Gosling as the main character. And I'm a BIG fan of that show! i can still remember him with that kinda hair style and look what he's turned into now. gile hot! haha.. now.. why suddenly Ryan Gosling?

Earlier this evening, i came across this tweet about him, with some link. So.. i clicked the link rapidly! hahaha.. punya nak tengok sangat. It's about a street prank scam where they use this guy Doug, a tax accountant which also a Ryan Gosling look-a-like to act as the ACTOR! Seriously.. he does look like Ryan! This prank made by MOJO In The Morning radio show, take Doug for a walk around Detroit along with some FAKE guards and some crew with cameras as if they were checking places for filming. To make things more convincing the real Ryan Gosling is actually scheduled to film his new movie around Detroit too. So, seeing this Doug guy with sunglasses and hoodie, you'll easily be fooled. Believe me. Gila sebijik macam Ryan Gosling! Watching the video, I'm the one who's excited! If only I were there. Ahh.. doesn't matter if he's the fake one. Just humor me.. Lyin' Gosling! Snap pictures with me and swoooshhhh---- instagram!! haha..

will you be fooled?

Students, women and men gather around, taking pictures, hugging and even kissing him. With some posing and smiles, it's good enough to convince people around him that he's Ryan Gosling. You lucky guy! 

gila. aku yang excited lebih tengok video ni. maunya pengsan weh Ryan Gosling depan mata! malangnya tipu je.. jahat!