Wednesday, October 20, 2010

head banging with Paramore live in KL!

* acoustic performance *

* head banging *

HOMAIGOD! Pramore's concert last Tuesday was TOTALLY AWESOME! show yang sangat energetic! It's worth every cent of my last money! And now, i'm broke. hehe. Walaupon entry ni a bit late because sooooo busy dengan assignments yang dinotify last2 minit. hadeshh.. Back to da topic, yeah! Every little one person in the stadium will absolutely love HAYLEY. Why?? Oh... of course yg pertama KECUTE-AN die yang sememang nye saaaangat cute. N she's a very3 sweet talker. Yupp.. pandai amek ati orang Malaysia. Ramah! *_* suke2! PALING SUKE yang die ckap...

"HOW MANY of you have NEVER been to a Paramore show? WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!! You have been suck in, and WE will NEVER LET YOU OUT, because family is for life" *kalo la betol, bestnyee!

JEREMY, BASSIST YANG KUSAYANGII, MY LOVEEE! sangat pandai posing n really cool, guys! If only i'm at the front row on the rockzone. puasss dpt tgok muke die. stunt yang sangat cool. Haha.. I'll be dreaming bout him this whole week of course.. weeeee~ hmm.. n sumthin that i'm curios about... JOSH, lead guitar- bak kate hayley, josh is 'the paramore's Slash but with a short hair'. Josh mcam xbyk gerak. just jlan sane sini n lompat sikit2 jek. sakit ke eh? hmm.. ntah la. but he's fucking cute, so nevermind if he's not jumping around or posing rock-ishly in front of the crowd. He's already cute enough! haha.. ZAC the drummer.. he rock's the stage with his drumstick. I couldn't see him really clearly tho. but still, I can hear him playing! YEAHHH!! and TAYLOR, rhythm guitar .. cute lol! always running around the stage! Love their head banging!! =))

and satu lagi! Josh together with Jeremy does a really AWSOME stunt... something like Jeremy leans on Josh's back and roll over. ngeeee~~~ (xtau nk describe cne. haha) That really burns me up. It really HOT guys! haihhh... and the most important thing! show pon da nak abes. only one song left for the to play. It's the MISERY BUSINESS ! and to make that night more MEANINGFUL, hayley chose a fan to sing along with them! OMG!! well, of course she chose the person who's at the rockzone area. Ok, then nevermind.. ieka. it's already gud enough for u to be there. then,
he sings. Okkk... maybe out of pitch.. well it's Hayley's song! no one can sings as good as her. (jelesnyeeee ngan mmat tuh!)

* Jeremy yg ENERGETIC and sexy pose from Hayley! *

Soo... from what Hayley said, she wants to come to Malaysia AGAIN. hope she really mean it. and i wud try my best to be there. bring all my friends. and get a MEET N GREET PASS. LOVE U PARAMORE!! JEREMY!

* my syg! and cutey screamin' Hayley *

**nak microphone orange cam hayley! nk jumpe JEREMY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

please answer my twit!

lamenye x merepek kat cni. haha... so rini... nak merepek sal cam cam mende. stat rini,10 ribulan. lagi 9 ari stat concert PARAMORE!! yeahh! sangat teruja nak pegi. lagi sembilan ari tinggal. hope nothings gonna stop us (pegi ngan wani skalik) from going there! haha. ye r. da la tengtengah nak exam lak tuh kan. disbabkan bukan salu dorang nak datang malaysia yang kecik ni, so kene pegi! long live PARAMORE!

suke gile kat mamat yg kiri skalik tuh. jeremy!!

haaa... pasal diri sendiri plak. badan da makin gemok! oh tidak! sejak duk uma sewa ni kejeny makan.makan.makan. tengs pade house-mate yg mmg rajin n pandai masak! haha.. so jalannye untok kurus neh adelah dengan eksesais. tapi... tang eksesais ni la yang RAJIN SANGAT3! cam iklan baru kat tv yang soh rakyat mesia eksesais.. mcam tuju kat aku jek. mmg patot pon.. adesss... pedih3

mkanan kat mesia ni sedap sangatla masalahnye...

so, for the time being, i'm looking forward to meet them. yeah! n still wondering how can i get a meet n greet pass? adoii... i reaaly wanna meet them face to face! and also... they don't allowed cameras in! eventhough i already planned to hid it somewhere in my bag or pocket or tudung.. i still think that they will found it. so where ah? and how ah i can bring my camera in and at the same time still can enjoy the show! without any security could come by and snatch the camera! any suggestion??? nak twitt hayley pon die x lyan sbb ramai sgt org twit die gak... hmmm

** kalo la ade treadmill kat umah. sure ak ley kuros langsing!! =))