Saturday, November 21, 2009

.. my first love

hohohohohoooo.... cuti3!!!
ye r.. skang ni ak bru jek pas abes packing brang msok kotak. brula aku seda, mkin lame kte dok satu tmpat tu, mkin byk brg yg betambah n bekumpul ek? dlm dok sibok2 kmas brg ni, ak aela tejumpe stu esemen nih. dase sem 1 dedolu... haha.. esemen elp. kne wat essay tjuk my first love yg smemangnye saje lecturer neh peley. gatal pnye lec! ad xprience ke.. tade ke.. kne wat gak!! nk tanak kne reka r jgak.. tade pgalaman kotttt.. gahahahaaa... maka, terhasilla nukilan ni.. cececece~


I was in form 3 and it was reccess time. As usual, I'll take my place under a tree at the field. After a long queque for some food and drinks, suddenly I saw a boy running towards me and accidentally "BANGGGG!!!" bumped into me. All the students in the canteen laughed at us. Urghhh.. What a shame! Both of my food and drinks spilled all over the floor. Luckily, it didn't smirched through my clothes. I yelled at the boy, " Woii!! Look at where are you going la!!!" and he quickly apologised while helping me to get up. At the same time, I realised that I've never seen him anywhere around the school before. A new student, probably? Then, he rushed to his way and again, I queqed up to buy something to eat since my stomach starts to screams for some food. Stupid boy!

"Krrrringgggggggg...". Recess time is over and my class continued with an English lesson. I still remember, it was Pn. Adeela's class and we learnt about 'Topic Sentence'. While learning, someone knocked on the door and it was our class teacher, Mr.Wang. He asked for a minute from Pn. Adeela and introduced to us a new student. To my shocked, the new student is the boy who bumped into me during the recess time just now. No wonder I've never seen him before! He saw me and throws me a smile but I just turn my head away, feeling shy. He introduced himself as Anuar Bin Zain. Mr. Wang offered him to take a place to seat. Since there was only an empty space beside me, he decides to take it.

Pn. Adeela then continued our class. At that time, Anuar apologises to me again about the incident earlier and I forgive him. We introduces ourselves to each other and talks all day long until the last bell of the day rang. He seems very nice to me and we even promise to come early to school the next day to continue exchanging our stories. I myself couldn't believe that we can became close in just about some few hours. The next day comes and he kept his promise as well as I am. We continued talking until the class starts.

From that day on, we become closer and closer. After exchanging numbers, he will call me everyday and we talked for hours. We hang out with each other and even studies together. He will also sometimes treat me for lunch and buys me gifts eventhough it's not my birthday yet. I started to have a feeling towards him but I just ignores it. To happy I guess. There was also a day where our school held a 'Talentime' which invites any students who would like to perform any talent that they wanted to perform and compete among other students. Since we both really love to sings and he surely has a very good voice, we decided to do a duet and take part.

After a lot of practicing and singing, we perform the show by singing 'Sandarkan Pada Kenangan'. We surely gets to caught the juries and audience attention. His voice was so good and pleasen to hear. And in the end, we won the competition. From that day onwards, almost the whole school are gossiping about us . He seems to feel okay about it and didn't commented on anything. I started to feel confident about my feeling but I didn't know if he feels the same way as I am. I also on the other hand didn't say anything but just continued our friendships.

I still remember, there were sometimes where Anuar didn't show up at school and I started to feel something bad. It's been about a week and I didn't received any calls, massages or even seen him at the school. The last day that we talked, he sounded like as usual as always. It's just that he didn't talk much. When I asked him, he says that he's tired. Maybe because of the basketball game that he have the evening earlier. After about a week, and while I was walking home from school,I saw Anuar standing in front of my front gate. I quickly runs towards him and asked about everything that've been happening. But at the same time, I could see that his face is not as cheer as always instead of some gloomy face which wipes out of the sweet cheerful Anuar that I know.

He take me to a park and wanted to have a talk with me. I can see that he's struggles to be cheerful like always but he couldn't hide from me. I will always know. He apologises to me and am very happy to have a friend like me. He will never forget me. But why? Why with all of this words? We will still see each other the next day right? I knew something wrong around his word. Then, he finally blurt out that he will be moving to Tokyo tomorrow to follow his family for his father's business. His absence those days were because of preparing for their things. TOMORROW?? Why didn't he told me earlier? Why must he wait until now? "I don't want to make you sad." said Anuar. He also gave me a big teddy bear as a gift and to always remember him. I was so cute and I really love it. After hours, we ended our conversation and I decided to accompanied him to the KLIA airport. But then, I could see that there are something which troubles him but he didn't have the guts to tell me. But then, I still have the time until tomorrow right?

Me and one of my classmate were the ones who followed them. At the airport, I couldn't hold my tears and suddenly it runs through my cheeks. Anuar calmed me down and asked me to stop crying. He really good at it. Before he gets on board, he handed me a letter and told me not to open it until the plane's gone. We wave them goodbye and my tears stats to burst out again. He throws me a smile and while walking he mouthing to me to not forget to read the letter. Whe I'm confident that the plane has already flies, I quickly read the letter. My smiles starts to draws up. He lush out his feeling about me and yes! He do love me all this while. It's just that he didn't have the guts since he his love had been rejected 2 years ago. He gives me his email and promise to always sends each other everyday.

From that day onwards, we have been emailing each other and he sends some postcards. He promise to see me the first thing when he landed Malaysia. Our relationship continues happily until now. Eventhough it is a long and far away the distance, we still communicate to each other and believes in our self. He was my first love and my love until now.

Gahahaa.. agk jiwang rr. Tgh bebudak katekan. Yang geramnye, tade plak markah tulis atas ketas neh. Maknenye x disemak r? Punye la pnat ak karang, ingatkan nk check! chett.. Mengong pnye lecturer.. Nseb bek die da besare.. Ape kate kalo korg plak yg jdik lecturer. Amacam???

p/s : cite ni hanyela rekaan semate2. haha. n telah diubh sket n ditambah ajinomoto spaye sedap sket. heheheheee... minat anuar zainnn