Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Okay. OBVIOUSLY memang kitorang tak menang. Tak dapat pegi pon. Gile. Soo sad! Tunggu countdown diorang nak datang bagai nak gila. Macamla kitorang pegi. Ye la, bile abah dah kate "Tak payah la pegi" dengan cara yang sangat baik, ikut je lah. Tak baik lawan. Jadi anak derhaka tau. So, tengok ikot youtube la konsert tuh. Stress gile kot. Aku pulak yang menjerit tepuk tangan depan skrin macam aku kat sana. haha.. kelakar3. Well, persembahan yang sangat awesome, eventhough gambar pon tak berapa nak clear kan.. Jeremy energetic! Taylor cute n Hayley yang awesome menyanyi. weehee. Just hope that they'll come back again. Maybe there's a chance that we could go? and get a meet and greet pass?? woohoo!! love you PARAMORE!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Oh yeah.. you got it.. PARAMORE RETURNS!! 17th February 2013!!

After their first concert 2 years ago, they are now coming back! Looks like Hayley really kept her promise to come back to Malaysia.. wuuhuu! and i'm tooottaly excited hearing the news! I'M GOINGG!! wanie too!

So.. first thing first.. lists of things to check!
venue - Stadium Negara. with the help of the LRT and MONORAIL, we can get there!
money - checking the seats, and also the price. affordable! luckily i have my savings! wehee
date - just finished my studies, my posting is like still far.. far.. away. still didn't get the exact date.. so, I'm FREEE anytime . and finally to the last one....
PERMISSION - well, since we already went to their last concert, maybe Abah will give the permission like last time... but instead... its a NO!!


maybe the first Paramore's concert on the 19th of October last 2 years are gonna be the first and last concert that we had ever been. So, this video that we recorded last time are just gonna be good old sweet memories... TT_TT 

gonna miss you Jeremy.. T_T

as life goes on like the way they were, Wani, (my younger sis) went across a couple of Paramore's tix contest. Well, since we didn't have the chance to go, why don't we just simply join it? Plus, no money needed, no postage are required. it's for fun! we just have to tweet! i've tweeted some words. Who knows. maybe if we won the tickets, Abah would let us go to see our beloved band! the results gonna come out tomorow.

if we didn't won it, we were already lucky enough. the experience last time was amazing, we got a good view from our seats, get to sing-along, plus the farro boys were there too! it's just nice if we get to see them again.hope luck is on our side! =)) 

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