Monday, December 21, 2009

D.I.Y oreo oh oreo..


haha.. sebab cuti2 ne taktau nak wat ape, ak pon adela dok mengkorek dan menjelajah internet ne. lpas boring mespes, bukak facebook. boring facebook bukak blogger, boring blogger, bukak tagged, boring tagged g edit gamba, tapi x menjadik plak..

pastu ntah cne, TERRbukak resepi coklat mende ntah n nmpk resepi buat eskrem. disebabkan ingredientnye senang dpt n sesangattleee senang nk dibuat, ak pon cdg nk tryla. ngan wanie yg menyebok same n si smokey yg mengade ak pon buatlaa.. n MENJADI!! haha.. so ak nk kongsi resepi buatnye.. try jgn x try!! name die AISKRIM COKLAT OREO

barang yg nk kene beli kat kedai runcit bedekatan korg :
-biskut oreo - ala, bli yg peket kecik jek.. yg sinngit lebeh tu..
-air susu coklat - bli satu kotak yg beso tuh.. nk gune 2 s
tengah cawan
-serbuk cream coffeemate - yg salu minum ngan nescaf
e.. nk gune 2 setengah cwan gak

cenggini yee

senangjek.. care die, masokkan 2 1/2 cwan coffeemate n 2 1/2 cwan coklat susu tu jugak dlam bekas n blender selama 5 menet

n, amek 2-3 keping biskut oreo, patah2kan n blend skalik lagi.. pastu masukkan lam peti ais selame 2 jam.

da due jam, agak2 nak dekat keras eskrem tu, kuarkan balik n blend skalik g. biskut yg selebihnye tu patah2 kan sumenye n campur ngan eskrem tu. buatla sket topping die.

masokkan balik lam peti ais n dibiarkan semalaman
. pastu makann!!!!

abah pon kate sedap! hehe.. kalo try ngan susu strawberry pon sedap gak kot. tgh nk try r ne. hehe..

p/s : ntah apsal tetibe rajin wat mende2 ni xtau la.. haha. diterokai dp

Saturday, November 21, 2009

.. my first love

hohohohohoooo.... cuti3!!!
ye r.. skang ni ak bru jek pas abes packing brang msok kotak. brula aku seda, mkin lame kte dok satu tmpat tu, mkin byk brg yg betambah n bekumpul ek? dlm dok sibok2 kmas brg ni, ak aela tejumpe stu esemen nih. dase sem 1 dedolu... haha.. esemen elp. kne wat essay tjuk my first love yg smemangnye saje lecturer neh peley. gatal pnye lec! ad xprience ke.. tade ke.. kne wat gak!! nk tanak kne reka r jgak.. tade pgalaman kotttt.. gahahahaaa... maka, terhasilla nukilan ni.. cececece~


I was in form 3 and it was reccess time. As usual, I'll take my place under a tree at the field. After a long queque for some food and drinks, suddenly I saw a boy running towards me and accidentally "BANGGGG!!!" bumped into me. All the students in the canteen laughed at us. Urghhh.. What a shame! Both of my food and drinks spilled all over the floor. Luckily, it didn't smirched through my clothes. I yelled at the boy, " Woii!! Look at where are you going la!!!" and he quickly apologised while helping me to get up. At the same time, I realised that I've never seen him anywhere around the school before. A new student, probably? Then, he rushed to his way and again, I queqed up to buy something to eat since my stomach starts to screams for some food. Stupid boy!

"Krrrringgggggggg...". Recess time is over and my class continued with an English lesson. I still remember, it was Pn. Adeela's class and we learnt about 'Topic Sentence'. While learning, someone knocked on the door and it was our class teacher, Mr.Wang. He asked for a minute from Pn. Adeela and introduced to us a new student. To my shocked, the new student is the boy who bumped into me during the recess time just now. No wonder I've never seen him before! He saw me and throws me a smile but I just turn my head away, feeling shy. He introduced himself as Anuar Bin Zain. Mr. Wang offered him to take a place to seat. Since there was only an empty space beside me, he decides to take it.

Pn. Adeela then continued our class. At that time, Anuar apologises to me again about the incident earlier and I forgive him. We introduces ourselves to each other and talks all day long until the last bell of the day rang. He seems very nice to me and we even promise to come early to school the next day to continue exchanging our stories. I myself couldn't believe that we can became close in just about some few hours. The next day comes and he kept his promise as well as I am. We continued talking until the class starts.

From that day on, we become closer and closer. After exchanging numbers, he will call me everyday and we talked for hours. We hang out with each other and even studies together. He will also sometimes treat me for lunch and buys me gifts eventhough it's not my birthday yet. I started to have a feeling towards him but I just ignores it. To happy I guess. There was also a day where our school held a 'Talentime' which invites any students who would like to perform any talent that they wanted to perform and compete among other students. Since we both really love to sings and he surely has a very good voice, we decided to do a duet and take part.

After a lot of practicing and singing, we perform the show by singing 'Sandarkan Pada Kenangan'. We surely gets to caught the juries and audience attention. His voice was so good and pleasen to hear. And in the end, we won the competition. From that day onwards, almost the whole school are gossiping about us . He seems to feel okay about it and didn't commented on anything. I started to feel confident about my feeling but I didn't know if he feels the same way as I am. I also on the other hand didn't say anything but just continued our friendships.

I still remember, there were sometimes where Anuar didn't show up at school and I started to feel something bad. It's been about a week and I didn't received any calls, massages or even seen him at the school. The last day that we talked, he sounded like as usual as always. It's just that he didn't talk much. When I asked him, he says that he's tired. Maybe because of the basketball game that he have the evening earlier. After about a week, and while I was walking home from school,I saw Anuar standing in front of my front gate. I quickly runs towards him and asked about everything that've been happening. But at the same time, I could see that his face is not as cheer as always instead of some gloomy face which wipes out of the sweet cheerful Anuar that I know.

He take me to a park and wanted to have a talk with me. I can see that he's struggles to be cheerful like always but he couldn't hide from me. I will always know. He apologises to me and am very happy to have a friend like me. He will never forget me. But why? Why with all of this words? We will still see each other the next day right? I knew something wrong around his word. Then, he finally blurt out that he will be moving to Tokyo tomorrow to follow his family for his father's business. His absence those days were because of preparing for their things. TOMORROW?? Why didn't he told me earlier? Why must he wait until now? "I don't want to make you sad." said Anuar. He also gave me a big teddy bear as a gift and to always remember him. I was so cute and I really love it. After hours, we ended our conversation and I decided to accompanied him to the KLIA airport. But then, I could see that there are something which troubles him but he didn't have the guts to tell me. But then, I still have the time until tomorrow right?

Me and one of my classmate were the ones who followed them. At the airport, I couldn't hold my tears and suddenly it runs through my cheeks. Anuar calmed me down and asked me to stop crying. He really good at it. Before he gets on board, he handed me a letter and told me not to open it until the plane's gone. We wave them goodbye and my tears stats to burst out again. He throws me a smile and while walking he mouthing to me to not forget to read the letter. Whe I'm confident that the plane has already flies, I quickly read the letter. My smiles starts to draws up. He lush out his feeling about me and yes! He do love me all this while. It's just that he didn't have the guts since he his love had been rejected 2 years ago. He gives me his email and promise to always sends each other everyday.

From that day onwards, we have been emailing each other and he sends some postcards. He promise to see me the first thing when he landed Malaysia. Our relationship continues happily until now. Eventhough it is a long and far away the distance, we still communicate to each other and believes in our self. He was my first love and my love until now.

Gahahaa.. agk jiwang rr. Tgh bebudak katekan. Yang geramnye, tade plak markah tulis atas ketas neh. Maknenye x disemak r? Punye la pnat ak karang, ingatkan nk check! chett.. Mengong pnye lecturer.. Nseb bek die da besare.. Ape kate kalo korg plak yg jdik lecturer. Amacam???

p/s : cite ni hanyela rekaan semate2. haha. n telah diubh sket n ditambah ajinomoto spaye sedap sket. heheheheee... minat anuar zainnn

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


mende ni jadik ari ahad lepas..

da basi la lbey kuang kan? tapi.. mende ni x adil ouh..
ni yg nak cite sket..

ak ni blaja amek kos rekabntuk n tek,
jdik ad r blaja pertanian.
n dpendekkan cite, ade ujian amali kne wa
t landskap..
landskp yg mnggunakan pkok sayur + pokok2 bunge..
jdik, mende2 pkok ni kne tnam sndri dp awl2..
my group which consits of 4 people.. which is only GIRLS!
pon tnam la...
da nk kat 3 bulan, syur ktorang bole kate menjadik.. chantek laa!

ade terung, tomato, kailan, kubis, kcang panjang..
gembira ati!!

pokok tomato ktorg.. da bebuah pon.. huhu

so sbtu tu kmpul la sayur2 tu nk siap sedia ntok landskp..
alih2.. pepagi ahad.. tgok2..

yang tggal hanye la pasu ngan tanah aje!!
mane pigi sayur2 dlm pasu tuh???

ktorg pk,
"msti die x letak ke mane sgt pon sayur2 neh.. kalo buang pon area2 cni kot.."

tggal pasu yang ade tnah jek???

pusing pnye pusing, tetibe eli (ahli grup ak) nmpk kesan..
mcam tnah2 + buah tomato ktorg yg cm kne seret..
ikot pnye ikot.. tau x smpai ke mane??

saketnyeee ati ak tgok gmba neh.. kejam toll!

gle.. abes ptah2 pkok tomato tuh,
pkok cili, bunge mtahari yg ktorg beli pon same dlm tuh!
ngan busuknye... adeiii.. smpai ati btol!
sedey ktorg tgok cmtu jdiknye..

nmpak sgt betape dengkinye die kat ktorg..
mmg kne sabotaj r neh..
kalo ktorg jmpe r orgnye..

p/s : tggu r,, kes nih ngah siast. bukti sme ad. ingat ak maen2??????

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

kalo di imbas2 la kan..

da raye2 ne kan.. cbe kte rewind balek zaman kicik2 dulu.
fuhhhh.. mmg bezz glee!
dgn mercunnye! (zman dulu
mrcon x ketat sgt kwlnne)
dgn duit raye! (kicik2 dpt byk!)
dgn balik kampong!! (
opah yg rajen mlayan)

sume2 tuh mmg ak lyan ouh time dulu..
mercun? sbb abah dulu keje g, so byk gilee dpt stock mercon..
ade mcam2 jnis, sampe dok bkongsi ngan sdare rame2!!
bunyiknye mletop2 lwan2 ngan jiran sbelah
abh ngan pkcik ak pon asyek mrah2 sbb bising.. hehe..
bunge api besi, ketas, ngan wanewani pon men skalik
smpai sorg adek ak neh pnah tbako tangan la.. ish3..
smpai skang die tkot nk maen da.. hehe
lilin sbg sumbr api nk nyalekan mende2 neh..
hehe.. pg esoknye, adela bekas lilin mrate2, dgan mrcon
dgan kayu bunge ryenye.. hehe..
itu dul

duit raye plak??.. haha..
name p0n bebudak kan..
lpass jek smayang raye.. ktorang da siap berato..
mintak mhap.. sampe menanges2 bhingus mntak mhap la
tp pastuh.. dpat
duit raye!! gahaha..
n.. acare utame..
aku. adek2ku. sdare2ku.
cmpo pompuan lki, g jerit dpan uma org..
bg salamm.. n msok mkan n
duit raye lagi!
kliling kmpong pigi.. cam2 jnis uma ktorg dpt xprience.. :
  1. yg lyan baekk punye! siap wat lwak lg!
  2. kdekot.. bg duit rye 50 sen jeh? pdahal uma besa gile!
  3. ktorg bg salam ade dekat 10x, tp x bukak3 pintu.. pdahal ade org kat uma
  4. byk duit rayeee!
haha.. time kicik2 ni la muke paling x malu kan..
malu x mlu tuh, duit raye smpai cecah
rm400 tuh..
gahaha.. kcik2 da pgang duit beso cmtuh.. mmg besss!

itu dul00..

kicik2 dulu.. WAJIB balik kmpong..
kat kuale kangsar.. x jaoh mne pon.. 40 mnet jek dp uma..
jmpe opah n atok! opah bess sgt..
mnje kn ktorg! buat eskrem malaysia..
ala, yg bungkus lam plastik pjg tuh..
pastuh, bagi duit kat ktorang,
kotrg nek beskal, yg x ckup naek skalik tu ikot same jgak...
tp jlan kaki.. hehe.. iringi ktorg la.. heheh
g bli jajan ke, gula2 keh kat kdai mkcik leha nmenye..
tido plak skalik rermai kat lua.. himpit2 la sket
nk mndi lak, berato pjg nunggu.. sbb ade stu jek blik airnyeh..
ptg2 plak mndi sungai!
pkai suar pndek jek mndi, kutip sipot..
terj0n dp tunggul kyu ke air.. bedesyum3!
itu dul00..

laen.. laen da..
mgkin ade stengah2 neh, korang ade gak xperience smpe skang,
tp ak x lg da...
mercon? abh da x keje da.. pencen, skett jek.. x cam dulu..
duit rye? da x g kliling uma,
kwan pon da jrang dtg uma..
blik kmpung? opah ngan atok da tade..
blik kmpung, sggh kbur jek..
rndu gle ak kat dorg..
sedeyh tringat..
kalo la doraemon ade.. ley g ke mse dolu2 balik kan?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

18sx.. kucing-kucing-kucing

haha... 18 sx?
yee.. dak2 kecik x bley ye..
bmbingan ibubapa amat diharapkan..

ni psal kucing ku..

smokey comell..hehe

ikot biodata die..
ktorang bela skalik ngan kakak die,
si.... lpe r nme die
smokey = jantan, kakak die = betina ler..

tp... kkk smokey tlah mghmb0skan nf
as trakhir die sbb gado
ngan kucing laen..
mati die.. isk2**

tinggal la die se
tp.. akhir2 ne, ktorg asyek mnerime kunjungan
kucing lae
jantan - putih + klabu - comey - bulu gebu!
kucen jiran sbelah..
asyek masok uma jek..

k, x kesah la kan..
die wat gngguan seksual
kat si smokey neh!
smokey kan jantan, die pon jantan!
what's goin' on??

amm.. sebagai bukti n,
nk ksik korg tgok, tgok la ek..
huhu.. amm.. tgokla ye.. hehe


mangsa keadaan..
smokey wat dunno je.. siap ley makan gih!
tp.. kucen puteh tu gtal btol!
jntan sma jntan?

so.. ape suda jdik ne??
smokey tu smpai wat derk je kat kucin tu bley jdik cni..
smokey wat dunno, tp kucen ne yg gatal sgt!
bley kate tiap2 ari la..
family ak da plik tgok dorg,
smpai tatau nk wat pe..
wat to do???
sian smokeyyy~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

gudbye school~~

2 ari g nak abes skola,
ktorg da tatau nk wat pe sbb maklumat sme da dpat..
jadik, just wandering around je la..
kantin, library, blik guru. ni spot2 nye..

on9 jek.. haha

on9 la kje ktorg.. kat blik guru g.. haha

jamuan pon ade due ari neh..
so, makan freeeeeeeeeeee


da tatau nk wat pe, ktorang g tgok 2 org g guru SBE cm ktorg
tp dp IPDA la.. amek kursus pmuliha.. Cikgu Faiz ngan Cikgu Zul..
bilik pemulihan tuh bes! mmg dihias cntk2 mnarik2 n warne warni..
ain siap dok kaco sorang bdak drjah 2 ni..

ksian die.. huhu

dok lam tu, ktorang dok maen smbong puzzle2..

da xtau nk wat pe.. haha.. cam dak2 la plak

puzzle yg ktorg wat.. haha
xde keje~

haa.. mse pepagi tgh dftar.. guru besa tegor ktorang!
"knape kamu be2 xdtg meeting smalam?" eyh?? ade meeting keh smalam???
ktorg sndiri x tau..
tp nseb baek die maapkan..

sme cikgu kat situ tnye knape ktorg x dtg..
manela ktorg tau.. haha~
we're very3 sorry!!

ble nak blik, dak2 berato nk balik..
ade yg salam ktorg..
rajin2 blaja ye..

ade gak dak yg minat kat AIN!
hehe.. kawan die siap gtau yang bdak tu nk gamb
a n no henpon!
aisyy.. kcik2 da pndai ye..

dak2 berato nk msok klas.. babai~

da ari las2, ktorang pon salam la sme cikgu..
ade gk terjumpe ngan ustazah mse ak skola rndah dulu..
what a small world..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kembali ke sekolah! ay0hh!!


mende ni mengkhendaki aku ngan ain g skola.. haha..
ngan esemen yg bebukit2 kami pon bersame2 la balik epoh..
wat kat uma ak.. heret si ain neh.. ade gak kawan..
tengkiu ain!!

cekgu ain ngan chegu zalikha ni g la skola.. da la lmbat!
skola SK SERI KELEBANG namenye
kol 7.20 bru smpai.. hehe..
bdak2 tgh brlari2 memain, lom kumpol g.. hehe.. seb baek..
da la dorg usya smcam, ktorg pon trus g pjabat..

phmpunan senin tu ade smbut mggu mrdeka, siap ade sesi cop tngan gih..
haha.. cop kat banner! ain ngan aku pun nyebuk gak s
comel2 bdak skola neh, sonok tol dorg maen kib
ar2 bendere!
ade jugak budak kne dende sbb gadoh.. adeii.

sonok men2 kibar bendere.. hohokene dende sbb gado.. kn xdpt kibar bendere~

mne ain, mne aku??

pas phmpunan jmpe la guru besonye.. pjg tol die pnye taklimat
da nguap ntah bape kali da ktorg, tp die wat do no jek..
tgh besemangat brtaklimat la tuh..


byk gle pratoran die bg kt ktorg.. cam tegas smacam jek.. antarenye :
  • elakkan mkn kat kantin time sblom rehat, xde ckgu amalkan bdaye cmtu kt skola ne
  • dtg skola nek kete kne msok sblom 730 nti guard x bg msok
  • g trun pepetang time gerko, ari rabu
  • rph tu.. jgn betanggoh
  • time balik jgn trus balik jek, tgok ape chegu lain buat
  • kalo x, saye bg surat tunjuk sebab cam senior2 kamu dulu
tegas semacam jek.. tapi.. yg jadiknye ...
  • ramai je chegu yg wat cmtuh.. ktorang pon.. JOIN JE LAA!
  • da kol 745 pon ade g kete yg msuk.. relax jek..
  • " ..cikgu, ari rabu tade gerko.. da lame da btal sebab H1N1.." kate sorg cekgu..
  • ktorang xde kne wat rph pon
  • kami xde keje, observe jek.. kol 115 ade jek chegu2 yg da blik da.. JOIN LG!!
  • kami x wt salah ponnnnn
tapi, yang pasti, chegu2 sane ramah2 n sempoi2 blake.. mmg mmbantu la!! tengkiuu!!
tp, chegu2 yg cm atsan, yg dok pjbat sme susah sket.. busy kot..
mmg letey kaki r..
spnjg 3 ari neh, letey sbb asyek dok keja cekgu2 r..
ye la, susa nk jmpe, kjap kat klas, kjap kat b
lik guru..

smbil tu, ade gak msok klas.. observe cmne chegu2 mngaja..
bebudak klas tuh, ade yg bising, ade yg tekun..
time tu subjek kh, chegu tu mngaja menjait,
cam2 bntuk dak2 tu jahit, senget la, sraight la..
tekun ouh mnjhit.. syabas beta.. syabbas!!!

yg ktorg dpt tgokla kat skola ni kan,
bebudak kt cni xbyak amlkan hormat ckgu..
bkn x hrmat laa.. cme trlaluu kurangg amalan 'assalamualaikum cikgu'..
sbb guru besa x knalkan ktorg time phmpunan kot..
yg bagi salam nye skeett jek..
siap ble ade sorg murid ne bg salam, kwan sblah die kate,
"weh.. tu bukan cikgu la!" pulak daa..
pnin ak ngan dak2 ne..
ade gak yg pggil ktorg kak.. haha..
layan jek la..
esok lak cmne agknye...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

J0m menjawab gih!

Neh tag dp adekku wanie. Ngah xde kje r tu. Mntang2 uitm die cuti H1N1 ye.. huhu.. Ak pon skang da jarang mgupdate blog neh. Cam busy la plak. Naseb ade tag neh, ley jugak mgisik! gahaha.. samat membaceee

1.Kekasih saya adalah :
*Laptop n broadband ku..*

2. Saya sedang mendengar :
*you're not alone - michael jackson*

3. Mungkin saya patut :
*g joging time2 mcam neh.. tp malehnyeee la plakk~*

4. Saya baru sudah :
*tgok 17 again.. bestla jgak*

5. Beza rakan, sahabat, kawan :
*aaaa.... xdpt diknal psti...*

6.Saya tidak faham :
* knape cite industan mestiiii ade nyanyi n mnari beramai2??*

7. Saya perlu mencari:
*pnutup brodbnd yg ilang.. dimana kaoooo??*

8. Ayat terakhir yang dikatakan kepada saya :
*"da makan ke blom?"*

9. Makna kehidupan :
*bnyak stress, byk berpikir, byk gne duitttt... warrkkhh~*

11. Saya paling suka :
*main game! h0h0..*

12. Saya akan cuba :
*siapkan esemen bbm yg lebih kreatif.. asyek kne kondem aje.. ishh*

13. Mengapa rakyat Malaysia suka menggunakan LAH di akhir ayat mereka :
*sebab.. org puteh x gune LAH lah...!*

14. Telefon bimbit saya :
*skrin die retak.. sob..sob *

15. Katil saya :
*port yg palingggggg bezz!*

16. Soalan yang bagi saya tidak perlu ditanya :
* "ko tgh buat ape tu?" .. pdahal tengah tanye dpan mate.. *

17. Teknologi adalah :
*prkataan yg ade 9 hurup*

18. Bagaimana saya boleh memasak masakan yang saya paling pandai masak :
* nsi ayam! pekse oooo...*

19. Semalam :
*g baiki laptop.. sampai rm100++++++! mlayanggg m0ney kuuuu~*

20. Hari ini ;
*sore brtambah serak n rock. tp minom ais jugak! hehe.. *

21. Malam ini saya akan :
*pnin wat esemen gih...*

22. Esok pula saya akan :
*g rombngan pameran landskap... xde klass!! haha..*

23. Saya betul2 inginkan :
*i-phone! bnje r kgkawan..*

24. Badminton atau futsal? :

25. Karaoke :

26. Kereta :
*tgh ade kat showroom.. tggu mase nk amek.. haha~*

27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap :
*gelap+hujan = bezz gle tidoo*

28. Makanan jepun adalah :
*pelik... xpnah try ggggg*

29. Ayat terakhir yang nak anda katakan pada seseorang :
*sluar ko berlobangg!*

30. Siapa yang anda tag





Sunday, June 14, 2009

hero-hero seantero dunia!!

Hero seantero dunia??
hehe.. saje terpikir nak menglistkan diantara TOP 10
hero2 selebriti yg mnjadi POJAAAN HATIKUUU.
hehe.. Calon2nye adalah..

Ni hero yang first yang ade lam aku pnye list. Ktorang berkenal
an [berkenalan??] lam muvee Twilight. Mase first2 tgok cte ni pon da rse cam pnah tgok jek die neh. Rpe2nye lam cte Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. Huhu.. Lam cte ni die jadik sorang hero vampire (seorang ke.. seekor?) yang sesngatnye la KUAT + MACHO + GAGAH. Ye r.. lpas jek cte neh, die trus jadik femes tros ouh. Ade jek award yg die mng smpai x ckup tangan ler. Buku Twilight yg dtulis Stephenie Meyer tuh ak de bce n die mnambah lagila cri2 Edward neh. Krenye Edward ni sorang yg sgt..sgt..sgt menawan n boley wat sume hati org cairrr.. Sgale ape yang die ckp or mntak tolong kat org, msti org ikot pnye la sbb die ley 'dazzle' org tuh. Haha.. Ckop2 la ak mmberi input psal die. Yg penting die no 1!! h0h0.. Vampireku yg gagah!!

Yaaaa!! Chris Brown! Die nih punye sore
bg ak, TERRRRRAMATTTTTLAAAAA sedapnye. Lagu2 die sme best. Terutame yg byk duet/feat ngan artis len. Kalo ikotla kan, sblom munculnye hero ak yg first tuh, Pattinson, Chris no.1 tp si vampire tuh da ambil tmpat tu dp Chris Brown ne ha.. hoho. Brown dilahirkan pd 5 May 1989. (hehe.. cm serasi jek). Skang nih dikatekn ade krisis ngan Rihanna, die belasah Rihanna eh? Haha.. entahla. Tu r, watpe g date org yg lbey tue kan? Lagu die 'With you' lagi mnampakkn sore die yg sgt sedap itu n lg minat ku kat die. N yang PALING786 penting, die pandai gile menari!! Mmg tabik sprringggg kat die.. Kalo la ak ley nari ctuh eh.. Tape2 die mmg jnji nk ajar ak nari pon. heheheheh~

3. James Lafferty a.k.a Nathan Scott

Nathan! Hmm.. mungkin korang x bape nk knal kot die neh. Die neh
muncholl dp cte brepisod 'One Tree Hill'. Skang ni da season 6 da pon. Ak mmg mngikuti cte ni dp A-Z. (walaupun cd 1 tetibe xdek. nak kne tauke cd neh!) Ak ltak die no 3 sbb die nih sgt2 la seorang yg responsible + tabah + gagah + pandai maen basketball ouhh! Dalam cte neh, die bukan watak utama, Chad Michael Murray hero die tp ak ttap pley Nathan neh. Da nme cte neh die men basketball kan, badan kne la tough! Berketul2. haha.. tp x la cam body builder. Watak die lam cte neh sgt2la mnarik pehatian aku ngan tggungjwab die kat anak, isteri n kwan2 die yg sgt pnyayang.. Die ni sorang yg pemarah jugak tp sggup wat ape sje tok org yg die syg! Walopon ramai awek2 cbe gode die, die ttp x lyannn! Nathan.. Nathan..

4. Zachary Quinto a.k.a Sylar/Gabriel Gray

He's a villain! A Very3 bad one! Die ni lak mule jadi igauan ku (ngeheheh.. ayat berangan~) stat die blakon cte Heroes. Cte n
i mmg bes sbb majoriti watak lam cte ni sme ade power. Sylar nih memule baek tau. Kuase die ialah bule 'membetolkan ape jeh mende yg rosak' sbg contoh jam. Jadik ble die ade kuase nih, die nk tnjuk kat mak die pastu secare TAK SENGAJA die terrrbunuh mak die. Stat tu die mule obses nan kuase die n jadi jahat! Walobagimane pon die ttap machoo.. half-italian half-irish tuhh! haha.. Aritu Heroes ade dtg Asia tp plg dekat pon Singapore. Nape x dtg Malaysia??? Adeyy... Kuchewa akuuu! Hm.. Slaen tu, die pon baru2 ni ade belakon dlm cte wyg jgak. Star Trek. Tp x bekesempatan nk tgok la plak. Yg aku tau, lam cte tuh muke die burokkkk.. adehh.. nk jdikkan die cam alien ngan bbuh tinge pjg.Siannn die.. Skang ak mmg sdg mgikuti Heroes tp season 4 xbekesmptan agih. Ade sespe yg ade sea 4 Heroes???

5. Daniel Radcliffe
Die ni plak ak knal time cte Harry Potter. And not to forget to thank Ara for introducing me to
Harry Potter's movies. Mstila minat. Dp die kechik pendek tuh smpai die besa pnjang ak tgok die ikot muvee2 dieh. Die seorang wizard yg sgt2 terkenal n ade parut dkat dahi die. So, spnjg pjalanan cte die adalah untuk mengalahkan Lord Voldermort. Iaitu ahli shir yg pling digeruni dan yg mmbunuh parents die. Buku2 die pon ak de bce. N sudah tntunye buku2 die g besh dp movie kan. Disbbkan die popular ikot muvee neh, die mcam diattachkan ngan Harry Potter jek. Cte len yg die ade berlakon cte December Boys. Xsmpat lg la plak nk tgok.Haha.. Hmm.. tok Harry Potter x sesaba ak nk tggu muvee die yg akn kuar sket g lam blan depan. Ara!! Nk g tgok ngan koooooo~ HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!

6. Jason Mraz
Yaaaahh! Die ni pon ak ktegorikan cam Chris Brown. Die mule aku knal dgan lagu Geek In The Pink. Sore die pon teramatla sedapnye! Hehe.. Pehtu di
e stat femes ngan lagu I'm Yours n xslap aku die dpt no 1 lam Billboard Hot 100 dorg kat sne tuh time tu. Lgu die Lucky tu mmg one of my fav. Tambah2 lg sore Colbie Caillat Huhu.. walopon da agak 'bertue 'kan.. die agak good looking jgak kan3??? (eh.. 32 tu xde la tue sgt kan..) Jason Mraz.. I'M YOURSSSSSSS!

7. Wenworth Miller a.k.a Michael Scofield

Dalam cte P
rison Break die adela seorang yg genius n sgt sygkan abg die. Seorang arkitek (huh.. tu cecte ak yg x ksampaian tuh..) yg sgt comel. Ye la, sampai T-Bag pon pgl die 'Fish' kan, sbb kecomelan die tuh. Prison Break ni mkin lame mkin cmplicated smpaikan ak da x lrat nk mgikutinye. Da la genius + comel + baek hati lagi. Abg die pon salu ckp yg die ni baik hati sgt smpai bolu susakan dorg. Tu sbbnye jdik kegilaan ramai. Kan3??? (temasok aku.. tp xdela smpai gile.. hehe)

8. Gavin DeG
Xknal?? Haa.. Die ni pon penyanyi gak! Sore die mmg power! Ade garau sket yg besh! Aku knal die ni lak dp cte one tree hill juge. Hehe. Sebab dgar soundtrack OTH to cam bez, pehtu slidik pnye slidik mamat ni rupenye. Sblom ni pon die ade femes ngan lagu Chariot. Tapi kalo tgk skang ni die cm x bape nk popular tp xpe, die ttap popularrr di hatiku.. ECECECCECEC.. Gavin!! If you read this thing!! Don't worry, You will always be in my heart!!!!! Come to Malaysia and find me ok! (haha.. berangan kjapp)

9. Chad Michael Murray a.k.a Lucas Eugene Scott

Hoho.. nmpknye One Tree Hill ni betol2 pengaruh aku. Die ni la hero c
te OTH neh. Siap ade 3 awek lg die am cte neh. Die pon agak sng nk rapat ngan pompuan la jgak lam watak die. Slaen dp cte ne, die ade blakon cte laen gak, contohnye House Of Wax. Ala.. yg Paris Hilton belakon tuh. Diela heronye. Lg, cte A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday. Sampai ade gosip kate Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday) ngan Hillary Duff (A Cinderella Story) gado rebotkan die r. Huhu.. die ni pon siap ade mng anugerah Teen's Choice Award r. Kalo tgok kan, die mcam ade sket2 cam muke kwan aku. Haha.. sket jek.. Trer jugak oo die men basketball!

10. Chris Daughtry

American Idol pnye finalist yg ke 4.Walopon die x
mng, die ttap popularr! Ape yg aku suke psal die? Haha.. suda tntu sore die. Mmg rock! Die ni penulis lagu, guitarist dan suda tntu sorang penyanyi. Die skang begerak ngan band die yg dinamekan Daughtry. Haha.. nme die gak. Antare lagu2 die yg ak suke Over You, What About Now, Home, It's Not Over.. mcam2 gih r.. Rock3!! American Idol sememangnye mlhirkan Idol kuhhh

pssttt!!... sorila kalo ade mane2 makumat yg salah..
anyway.. kalo2 la kan diberi 10 org slebriti llki yg dipeley tok berjmpe..
MEREKA2 ni lar!!