Friday, January 4, 2013



hope it's not too late although today it's already on the 4th of January. Sooooo.. since it's the 'new year', as always, people will come out with some new resolutions. Add me up, cuz i'm gonna come up with one too. Don't worry people, i didn't promise myself any resolution last year, so here's one. To IMPROVE MYSELF! 

well, that's actually what people do everyday right? Okay now, for me, i'm gonna add up maybe some details about the improvement that i hope i  can achieve. heheee. i'm gonna set some goal here so that i can cherish every moment in my life starting from today, rather than wasting time around watching the fight between Simba and Smokey that happens EVERYTIME they met.. haha.. *yang slalu jadik pemenang ofkos la Smokey. siannn Simba.

what are the details? eh.. mane bole bagitau kat sini.. haha. just one of the goal is to make sure that i DO update my blog! and hopefully i'll become a tremendous teacher for the kids. as you know, kids nowadays already have their gadgets with them LIKE ALL THE TIME. and it's up to me to make sure that they'll love books more than their gadgets. berat cabaran nih. haha.. well, wish me luck guys! assalamualaikum! 


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