Monday, May 18, 2009

jawab soklan!!

akibat ikotan orang ramai.. maka..
COPY N PASTE sajeloooo~~

01. what's your middle name?
name tang tengah???... x daftar la plak

02. how big is your bed?
single jeh...

03. what are you listening to right now?
superhuman - chris brown ft keri hilson

04. what was the last thing you ate?
boiled frankfurter... trying to keep on my budget

05. how is the weather right now?
mendung.. mendung.. but still.. hot33

06. who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
ay0ng... ketok ak soh banje die.. aisehh

07. what is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
rambot kott

08. favourite type of food
wahahah.. lotsss... smbal tmis ikan keli-msak lomak cli api-ayam-tomyam..

09. do you want children?
so that i would have someone that would accompany during 'ked0t2' time?

10. what do you drink?
tea ice

11. fave holiday?
lately.. PULAU PANGKOR.. yahahha! ngan otak2 x btol neh..
ehem2... sket g genting.. nk ikottt??

12. favourite season?
rite now.. the only season dat malaysia got is only.. hothothot...
xde plehan lain... nak winterrr! hehe

13. have you ever cried over a boy?

never! hehe

14. last movie you watched?

power kids. bestt gilak!

15. what books are you reading?

twilight.. not yet finished

16. piercings?

17. favourite movie(s)?
genre of action n comedy

18. what are you doing before filling this out?

19. have you ever loved someone?

loved = past tense... not yet.. hehe

20. are you hiding something from someone?

hehe... some..

21. first thing you thought about this morning?
exam2! bku x bce gih...

22. favourite hangout?
times square

23. 3 things/persons you cannot live without?

24. what are you afraid of?

25. what are your nicknames?

4 pengkritik jemputan:

aRa-holic said...

kedot2 time....
huuhu...trbayang muke ko!!kahkahkah!

nak ikut g genting!!!


zalika sayang aku kan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edynz said...

hahahah copy paste sudey tol x?

ieka_whizz said...

haha.. tmsok abg edyn pnye gak..
mgse2!! h0h0